To continue with the success of “Rencontres du Vietnam” in the past years, “Rencontres du Vietnam” in 2017 and the fifth time in Quy Nhon City with conferences, Vietnam summer schools continues scientific forums for scientists to share, discuss and announce the latest results in their studies, openiny opportunities for cooperation, development and scientific research; at the same time, opportunities for youny Vietnamese scientists to nourish and nurture science for the future and confirminy the role andyreatmeaniny of science towards our lives.
ince 2013, the purpose of conferences, workshops at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), Quy Nhon City have brought international scientists to Vietnam, and in tern, shared with Vietnamese scientists the latest results as well as the development of international science. The conferences and workshops are forums of Vietnamese scientists and leading international ones. Beside the professional issues of the conferences and workshops interest scientists, the conferences also set up the issues related to Vietnamese managers as well as policies to encourage scientific research in Vietnam.
The initial event of “The 13th Rencontres du Vietnam”in 2017 is the international scientific conference “Environmental Pollution, Restoration and Management”, the dialogue between Minister of Natural Resources and EnvironmentTran Hong Ha and international scientists. The environmental pollution caused by the pesticide, garbage, plastic waste, especially the harmful effects of lathe on the environment and human health was exchanged at the conference. Accordingly, scientists cited many effective methods of treating environmental pollution that had been used in many countries throughout the world. According to international scientists, Vietnam needs to study technology to manage the environment well and have measures to recover it. These are important issues, how to combine science, technology and policy management to create a common policy on the environment. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha said, “When we meet and establish relationships, and scientists combine forces together, it is property, a tremendous resource that not only deals with past issues but also gives us approaches and measures of development in the future.”
Followed by conferences, workshops: Cosmology, Neutrino physics. Exploring the Dark Universe, Nanophysics, Hot Topics in General Relativity and Gravitation, Star Formation in different environments, etc. attracted 1,500 leading professors, scientists, including Prof. Gerard ‘t Hooft – A Nobel- laureate in physics in 1999.

The conferences on particle physics, astrophysics and Nanophysics took place as previous years, the difference of “The 13th Rencontres du Vietnam” this year was that conferences and Vietnam summer schools on medicine, mathematics and technologies for communications. Scientific conferences helped to enrich the knowledge of young scientists, connecting between Vietnam science and the world to gradually develop Vietnam science.
Many attractive and practical events besides conferences, workshops. With the aim of connecting international scientists and scientists at ICISE, creating the motivation to develop science and education, contributing to enhance the image and position of Vietnam science on the international arena, in October 2016, Rencontres du Vietnam in collaboration with Binh Dinh People’s Committee organized a launching ceremony of Theoretical Physics Group at Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Education (IFIRSE), ICISE and this Group works as “a bridge” between Vietnam scientists and international ones.The Group is led by Dr. Le Due Ninh and his wife, Dr. Dao Thi Nhung. Both of them had decided to quit their lives in Germany, returned to Vietnam and chose Quy Nhon as a destination for their scientific research.
In July, 2017, Rencontres du Vietnam and Binh Dinh People’s Committee organized the establishing ceremony of “Vietnam Neutrino Group” at IFIRSE, ICISE. The Group includes Prof. Tsuyoshi Nakaya, Prof. Yuichi Oyama, Prof. Makoto Miura and Prof. Atsumu Suzuki (“NOMS Group”). NOMS Group helps IFIRSE in advising the Neutrino Group of IFIRSE to work in international collaboration of neutrino experiments, helping IFIRSE in training human resources for the neutrino group of IFIRSE by coordinating with Rencontres du Vietnam to annually organize international conferences and workshops, short-term training courses in the field of neutrino physics, facilitating members of IFIRSE neutrino group during their stay in Japan for using computers, office and other facilities for research, etc.
In addition, there have been scientific talks between well-known scientists, Nobel- laureates and students and those interested in science in Quy Nhon City. In 2017 Prof. Francois Vannucci (The University of Paris 7, France) had a scientific talk with students and those interested in science on the title of “Invisible World of Neutrino Particles”; Prof. Gerardus’t Hooft (A Nobel-laureate in physics in 1999) had a scientific talk with students and those interested in science on the title of “The Fundamental Laws of Nature”.
From a rendezvous for both national and international scientists, “Rencontres du Vietnam” has opened lots of opportunities for cooperation, development, connection and scientific research in the future; at the same time, confirmed the role and great meaning of science towards our lives.

Source: Binh Dinh Bulletin – 10/2017
Author: Kien Tuong, Translator: Thang Nguyen


To be recognized and highly appreciated by the international scientific community for the success of Rencontres de Moriond, Blois Meeting, in 1993 Prof. Tran Thanh Van, Chairman of two above-mentioned scientific organizations, began to bring scientific activities (international conferences, workshops, summer schools, scholarships, etc.) to Vietnam, creating the first step for the establishment of Rencontres du Vietnam. Rencontres du Vietnam was officially established in France on August 19, 1996 and on an official press release in France in October 2, 1996. Rencontres du Vietnam was formed under the 1901 Law on Associations and Organizations of France. It is an association of France with its name “Rencontres du Vietnam” and was licensed to operate in Vietnam under the permission given by People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) – the Committee for Foreign Non-Governmental Organization Affairs. Rencontres du Vietnam has officially been an important partner of UNESCO since 2012.

For more than 20 years of operation in Vietnam, Rencontres du Vietnam has organized 13 series of scientific conferences (Meeting Vietnam) and five series at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), Quy Nhon City since 2013, attracting thousands of well-known professors, scientists, including Nobel, Fields, Shaw and Kavli. Accordingly, in 2016 «The 12th Rencontres du Vietnam», including 12 international conferences and 3 summer schools attracted more than 1,600 professors, scientists. Especially, the international conference «Fundamental Science and Society» was the greatest one of «The 12th Rencontres du Vietanm» with the participation of four Nobel- laureates, many well-known scientists and big economic corporations in the world: Airbus, Sanofi,Solvay. «The 13th Rencontres du Vietnam» in 2017, including 12 international conferences and 6 summer schools attracted more than 1,500 leading professors, scientists, including Gerardus’t Hooft – A Nobel-laureate in physics in 1999. Beside international conferences and workshops, Rencontres du Vietnam has also organized a number of public talks given by Nobel laureates; exchange meetings between Vietnamese excellent students and Nobel laureates. These are specific activities of scientific conferences held by Rencontres du Vietnam.

In addition, Rencontres du Vietnam co­operated, assisting the training of talented undergraduatecoursesand offered scholarships for excellent students and postgraduates; training more than 1,500 teachers for «hands on» method, period 2000 – 2010. Since 2011, Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training has decided to officially use «hands on» method applied at Primary Schools and Secondary Schools in Vietnam. The Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with Rencontres du Vietnam annually deploys the training for this teaching method.

Since 1994, Rencontres du Vietnam has offered scholarships to excellent Vietnamese students. In 1997, Rencontres du Vietnam began to offer scholarships to excellent undergraduate students with the participation of Nobel laureates. It is the fruitful scholarship program that Prof. Odon Vallet completely supported and decided to fund and together with Rencontres du Vietnam, to establish Vallet – Rencontres du Vietnam Scholarship Foundation to provide more scholarships to excellent Vietnamese students. Since 2000 till now, Recontres du Vietnam has offered scholarships to more than 25,000 Vietnamese students in Vietnam with a total funding of more than VND 250 billion. In France, Rencontres du Vietnam annually offers 15-20 scholarships (€ 8000/each, equivalent to VND 200 million/each) to Vietnamese students with excellent academic results.

Rencontres du Vietnam, chaired by Prof. TranThanhVan decided to choose QuyNhon City for the construction of the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education, where annually organizes international scientific conferences and has attracted thousands of well-known scientists in the world, including 11 Nobel-laureates, 2 Fields Medals, 02 shaw and Kavli Medals. Besides, Rencontres du Vietnam also proposed the idea and assisted the People’s Committee of Binh Dinh Province to implement the project “Space of Science” and together with ICISE to form a highlight of Quy Hoa Science and Education Urban Area. The area will become an ideal destination for scientific activities, creation, discoveries by both national and international scientists. It will also be an attractive address for the teenagers as well as the youth of different provinces/cities in Vietnam to do scientific experiments in different fields, helping them explore science in a very interactive manner.

With such recorded results, Rencontres du Vietnam continues to build a bridge between Vietnam scientists and international ones; building and implementing cooperation, development and connection of scientific researches in the future.

Source: BinhDinh Bulletin – 10/2017
Author: Lê Chiến, Translator: Thắng Nguyễn


On the afternoon of September 9,2017, at the Office of Binh Dinh People’s Committee, Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh People’s Committee Tran Chau had a meeting with Professor Odon Vallet – The University of Sorbonne, France. The meeting was also attended by Prof. Tran Thanh Van – Chairman of Rencontres du Vietnam and his co­workers.

At the meeting, Prof. Odon Vallet wished to offer 50 scholarships to students with difficulties at Quy Nhon University, Le Quy Don Gifted High School and SOS Children’s Village Quy Nhon with his hope that these students would try their best in studies, pursue their dreams and achieve success in their lives. Prof. Odon Vallet was inherited a fortune of Euro 100 million (equivalent to VND 2,000 billion) and spent all of the money to set up Odon Vallet Foundation to offerscholarshipstopoorstudents. After 17years, Prof. Odon Vallet offered 33,000 scholarships to disadvantaged students in remote, bordered, island and ethnic minority areas in the fields of science – technique, mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc. throughout Vietnam, with the total value of nearly VND 250 billion. In 2017, Odon Vallet Foundation offered 2,250 scholarships to Vietnamese students, with the total value of about VND 25 billion and 50 young researchers, students in Binh Dinh Province were honored to receive scholarships from Odon Vallet Foundation. Prof. Odon Vallet was awarded the Friendship Medal by Vietnam States for his great contribution and dedication to the children care in Vietnam.

Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh People’s Committee Tran Chau expressed his thanks to Prof. Odon Vallet for his interest in Binh Dinh Province; at the same time, confirmed the scholarship from Odon Vallet Foundation would be really meaningful as it is a motivation to encourage the learning spirit of students and young researchers of Binh Dinh in particular, Vietnam in general. The Vice Chairman hoped Prof. Odon Vallet would continue to accompany with the education development of Binh Dinh Province in the coming time.

Source: BinhDinh Bulletin – 10/2017
Author and Translator: Thắng Nguyễn