Invited Speakers

Measurements and Techniques to study Magnetic fields

  1. Huirong Yan (Germany): Atomic Alignment
  2. Alex Lazarian (UW-Madison & KASI): Gradient technique
  3. Juan Soler (MPA, Germany): HRO
  4. Thiem Hoang (South Korea): Grain Alignment Mechanisms and Prospects
  5. M. Haverkorn (Netherland): rotation measures in QSO but also SKA perspective
  6.  C.L. van Eck (Canada): Faraday Tomography (LOFAR)

MHD Turbulence 

  1. Blakesley Burkhart (Rutger, USA): Studies of Turbulence
  2. Jungyeon Cho (South Korea): Compressible turbulence
  3. Christoph Federrath (Australia)
  4.  Philip Mocz (USA): Revolutionary new code and its prospects
  5. Edith Falgarone (France)
  6. Joerg Buechner (Germany): Turbulent magnetic reconnection

 Dynamos and Magnetic Reconnection:  

  1. Ethan Vishniac (USA): Dynamo Theory
  2. Siyao Xu (USA): Turbulent dynamo
  3. A. Brandenburg (Nordita, Sweden): Dynamo simulation
  4. Grzegorz Kowal  (Brazil): Simulations of 3D reconnection with MHD

Observations of magnetic fields in star-forming regions

  1. Ray Furuya (Japan)
  2. Kate Pattle (Taiwan, JCMT)
  3. Hua-Bai Li (Hong Kong): Strong or weak magnetic fields

Magnetic fields in molecular clouds 

  1. Shu-ichiro Inutsuka (Japan): Role of magnetic fields in the filament paradigm of star formation
  2. Mehrnoosh Tahani (Canada): Faraday rotation
  3. Ralf Pudritz (Canada)

Magnetic fields in protostellar disks 

  1. Xue-Ning Bai (China)
  2. Yusuke Tsukamoto (Japan)
  3. Woojin Kwon (South Korea)
  4. Reinaldo Santos Lima (IAG-USP, Brazil): “On the transport and diffusion of magnetic fields in Star Formation”
  5. Chin-Fei Lee (ASIAA, Taiwan): ALMA

Magnetic Fields in Compact Sources and CR Acceleration

  1. Lucas Uhm (South Korea): Gamma-Ray Bursts: TBD
  2.  Elisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino (Brazil): Magnetic Reconnection, Particle Acceleration and Very High Energy Emission around Black Holes and Relativistic Jets
  3. Anatoly Spitkovski (USA): Non-relativistic Collisionless Shocks
  4. Tsuyoshi Inoue (Japan): CRs and Very High Energy Emission from SNR-clouds interactions

Magnetic Fields in Intergalactic Medium and Clusters of Galaxies

  1. G. Brunetti (Italy): For the theory and observations of CR in galaxy clusters
  2. Klaus Dolag (Germany): on cluster simulations
  3. Hyesung Kang (South Korea): CR acceleration in collisionless shocks
  4. Dongsu Ryu (South Korea)
  5. Marcus Bruggen (Germany): Probing intergalactic fields with polarisation observations
  6. Melanie Johnston- Hollitt (Australia): Cosmic Magnetism with Next Generation Radio Telescopes)