Topological Quantum Electrons Interacting In-person

Starts: 11 July, 2022

Ends: 16 July, 2022


07 Science Avenue, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Vietnam


This conference will bring together theorists and experimentalists working in the field of electronic properties of quantum materials. It will highlight recent developments in the study of equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of novel quantum materials such as: topological states of matter, twisted bilayer systems, magnetic materials, TMDs (transition metals dichalcogenides), superconductors, quantum phenomena in mesoscopic systems, etc. Technological aspects of these subjects will be covered as well.

Motivated by the long period in which in person interactions were disallowed due to the pandemic, the program of the conference will be prepared with an emphasis on the exposure of junior participants and their scientific achievements to the more senior participants. The program also includes a 1 day summer school for junior participants prior to the opening of the conference to prepare them for the more advanced research talks to come.