Feedback from 2015-21 experiences for the 2021-27 proposals

May 19-21, 2022, ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam



Vietnam is the country that benefited the most from the European ERASMUS+ capacity building program during the period 2015-20 (74 programs involving 94 universities). The idea of the seminar that we are proposing is to stimulate proposals for the new ERASMUS 2021-27 program based on the feedback from the universities previously involved among themselves and towards all the other Vietnamese universities wishing to participate in the adventure without having done so until now.

From 2015 to 2020 Vietnam is involved in 74 programs – which makes it the most mobilized country – with 94 universities, scientific institutions and administrations, some of which are involved in 10 programs (Can Tho University). i.e. a very strong integration of higher education actors in cooperation with EU member countries:

Note that 5 of the 74 programs were coordinated by 3 Vietnamese universities, which testifies to a very good international recognition of these institutions:

It is therefore now time to draw up a qualitative assessment of the programs carried out in partnership with Vietnam and above all to seek feedback from the institutions involved – first and foremost those who coordinated a program:

The ERASMUS program needs to be clarified because it can appear as an unfathomable nebula, the rules for administering the programs must also be detailed to all partners and potential members because, if they are not very restrictive in the end, they must must be respected so as not to block programs and expose themselves to penalties.

QUALITATIVE ASSESSMENT by feedback from E+ 2015-21 involving the VN and PRESENTATION ERASMUS 2021-27 constitute the first two axes of the symposium that we propose to create SYNERGIES and promote new programs to come from 2023 in partnership with the members of the EU, partners in South East Asia and especially Vietnam.

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