From 11 September 2023 to 13 September 2023

Science for Peace Parliamentary meeting (Inter-Parliamentary Union – IPU)

Introduction Since its establishment in 1987, the IPU Committee on Middle East Questions has had […]

From 11 September 2023 to 15 September 2023

3rd Vietnam School of Earth Observation – VSEO3

Remote sensing using Earth observation satellites has become in recent decades an important technology for […]

From 7 August 2023 to 12 August 2023

Windows on the Universe: 30th Anniversary of the Rencontres du Vietnam

Since 1993 the Rencontres du Vietnam , which is an official partner of UNESCO, has […]

From 10 July 2023 to 29 July 2023

Advanced Summer School in Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity

This Summer School is aimed at advanced doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. It is the […]

From 19 June 2023 to 29 June 2023

ASIAME 3 – Third South Asia Workshop in Aquatic Microbial Ecology

The general objective of the two weeks programme on thematic school ASIAME3 is to bring […]

From 30 March 2023 to 29 March 2023


The Hand Surgery Associates in Ho Chi Minh City sincerely thanks all members for their […]

From 27 February 2023 to 4 March 2023

2nd Hardware Camp for Fast and Low-Light detection

Here, “fast” refers to nanoseconds, and “low-light” refers to a few to hundreds of photoelectrons. […]

From 19 February 2023 to 23 February 2023

10th Asia-Pacific Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Conference (APATCC)

The Asia Pacific Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (APATCC) is a major organisation representing […]

From 2 February 2023 to 2 February 2023

Seminar: The Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment 2 (CIBER-2): A Near-Infrared Sounding Rocket Payload to Study Large-Scale Structure Formation

Abstract: The emission from outside of the Milky Way, also known as the extragalactic background […]

From 6 January 2023 to 1 November 2023

Theory meeting experiments: Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (TMEX-2023)

The conference Theory meeting experiments (TMEX-2023) will be held on 5-11 January 2023. It will […]

From 22 December 2022 to 22 December 2022

Bài nói chuyện đại chúng: EINSTEIN, LÝ THUYẾT TƯƠNG ĐỐI, VŨ TRỤ HỌC,…

Đăng ký tham dự Bài nói chuyện đại chúng: “EINSTEIN, LÝ THUYẾT TƯƠNG ĐỐI, VŨ […]

From 17 December 2022 to 20 December 2022

Vietnam School of Development 2022

Trường học Phát triển Việt Nam là một sáng kiến hướng đến thực hiện các […]

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