14th Rencontres du Vietnam

Computational Biophysics at the Molecular and Mesoscales
from October 27-31, 2018
Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Advances in theory, methodology and computation in the field of computational biophysics has fueled significant advances in describing biological phenomenon on the molecular and mesoscales. These advances have often involved a variety of techniques, such as molecular dynamics simulations, bioinformatics or systems biology. The Computational Biophysics at the Molecular and Mesoscales will offer five days of synergistic interactions and presentations by theorists, computationalists and Bioinformaticians. The conference will focus on cutting-edge developments in modeling at these various scales to improve our comprehension and knowledge of biological systems form a physical science perspective. It will promote exchanges, interactions, and collaborations between scientists from different parts of the world. The conference will consist of plenary sessions for oral presentations, contributed talks, as well as posters.

Organizing Committee:
Mai Suan Li (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
Ed O’Brien (Penn State University, USA)
Jean Tran Thanh Van  (ICISE, Vietnam)

Advisory Committee: 
Yuko Okamoto  (Nagoya University, Japan)
Dave Thirumalai (University of Texas Austin, USA)
Emmanuel Paci (University of Leeds, UK)
Robert Best (National Institutes of Health, USA)
Tamir Tuller (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Marek Cieplak (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
Philippe Derreumaux (IBPC CNRS, Paris)