Three Neutrinos and Beyond

Starts: 04 August, 2019

Ends: 10 August, 2019


07 Science Avenue, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Vietnam


The first collisions in the SLC at SLAC took place on 12 April 1989 and in LEP on 13 August 1989. 2019 will thus be the 30th anniversary of the discovery that there are only three families of light active neutrinos, which was published on 12-16 October 1989. The theme of the XVèmes Rencontres du Vietnam will be centred on what we know today about these three families, what are the consequences, what physics might lie beyond, and how to access it.
The program will be articulated around several themes:
— History of the discovery of the existence of three and only three families of active neutrinos
— The impact of this number on astrophysics cosmology and particle physics then and now.
— The neutrino properties and their mixing matrix
— The search for the origin of neutrino masses and, because neutrinos are neutral unlike the other fermions of the Standard Model, the possible existence of a fermion number violating mass term (Majorana mass term) and of sterile neutrinos.
— The searches for sterile/right-handed neutrinos in the energy scales ranging from eV to TeVs
— eV scale or below accessible to reactor and pion decay neutrinos,
— keV scale accessible to gamma-ray astronomy,
— Pion mass to Higgs mass accessible to fixed target and collider experiments
— The prospects of the three neutrino families and neutrino mass models to explain Dark Matter and the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe, and the prospects for experimental tests.
— Synergies between neutrino experiments and other fields, in particular dark matter searches.

Attendance to the meeting will be by invitation. Submission of abstract for contribution is strongly encouraged, leading to poster or oral presentations depending on the available time. All invited, oral or poster contributions will be invited to publication in the proceedings.
More information on the timetable, parallel sessions and poster sessions will be posted on this web site