Webinar: Neutrinos and CPT violation

Starts: 15 April, 2022

Ends: 15 April, 2022




Abstract: In the first part of the talk I give an overview of standard neutrino oscillations. I discuss the current status of the determination of neutrino oscillation parameters and focus on the remaining unknowns. In the second part I discuss current bounds on CPT violating neutrinos. In this scenario it is assumed that oscillation parameters describing neutrinos can differ from the oscillation parameters describing antineutrinos. I show current bounds on the differences of neutrino and antineutrino parameters and show how these bounds could be improved with future measurements, particulary in the context of DUNE.

Speaker:Dr. Christoph Ternes, INFN, Turin, Italy

Connection: Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 828 9426 3302 / Passcode: 967861