Webinar: PANDA: Neutrino detector for reactor monitor

Starts: 10 June, 2021

Ends: 10 June, 2021




Abstract: Nuclear power plant is an intelligent artificial source of anti-electron neutrinos. In a commercial reactor of 3 GWth, neutrinos of 10 to the power of 20 per second are produced among the beta-decay chain of the fission product. The production rate and spectrum are well known as a function of ratio among the fuel nuclides. Therefore, the reactor originated anti-electron neutrino (reactor neutrino) is much useful not only for neutrino science but also for safeguard of reactor nuclear power. There are many activities of developments reactor neutrino detectors over the world. The PANDA (Plastic Anti-electron Neutrino Detector Array) is a project of reactor neutrino monitor in Japan. The detector is made of 10 x 10 of the organic plastic scintillator bars with a total weight of 1 ton as the target of inverse beta decay interaction and the calorimeter of the emitted positron. We carried out a measurement of reactor neutrino at the Ohi reactor power plant at Fukui, Japan, in 2019 and 175.8±34.4 events of the neutrino signals are observed by a comparison of the reactor ON and OFF periods. In this talk, we introduce basics of reactor monitoring with neutrino and the activities of the reactor neutrino detectors. Then, we discuss the PANDA results and future.
Speaker: Dr. Tomoyuki Konno, Kitasato University, Japan.

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