Webinar: Unravel Neutrino Mass Spectrum and Leptonic CP violation

Starts: 07 June, 2022

Ends: 07 June, 2022





The massiveness of neutrinos, as implied by the neutrino oscillation phenomenon, suggests that the Standard Model of elementary particles is incomplete. Neutrinos have a much smaller mass than other elementary particles, and physicists aren’t sure why. Furthermore, the neutrino mass spectrum, which is needed to consider the origin of neutrino mass, is still yet to be established. Another exciting physics being investigated vigorously with neutrino experiments is the violation of the Charge-Parity (CP) symmetry in the leptonic sector, which may provide an appealing explanation for the Universe’s matter-antimatter asymmetry. The talk will focus on recent findings as well as future prospects for understanding the neutrino mass spectrum and leptonic CP violation.

Speaker: Dr. Son Cao, IFIRSE, ICISE, Vietnam.

Connection: https://cern.zoom.us/j/62278966948?pwd=QmpnUjJjNHRoZGo3amk0QlFUSmJodz09

Meeting ID: 622 7896 6948  Passcode: 515248