Webinar: XENON1T: a Prolific Rare Event Search Experiment

Starts: 26 February, 2021

Ends: 26 February, 2021




Abstract: Our astrophysical observations indicate that there is an enormous amount of mass in the Universe that we cannot see, which we call dark matter. We cannot easily explain this matter with the known particles in the standard model, indicating that the quantum of dark matter is some new particle. The XENON Collaboration uses liquid xenon time projection chambers to look for signatures of interacting dark matter in these ultra-low background particle detectors. The recent XENON1T detector holds the leading limits on the interactions of spin independent weakly interacting massive particles and made significant contributions to constraining other models. We recently noted an excess of low energy electronic recoil events with over a three-sigma significance. In this talk I will introduce the XENON1T detector in the context of what we already know about dark matter and give a summary of this impressive experiment.

Connection: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87618403564?pwd=VWN6M1BrL0diWGdyYjJYa3d3N0NKdz09
Meeting ID:
876 1840 3564 / Passcode: 998709