On the morning of April 22, 2024, the 24th IEEE Real-Time Conference officially opened at ICISE, with nearly 200 scientists, engineers, and research students attending from 22 countries and territories around the world.

Dr. Martin Grossmann (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland), Dr. David Abbott (CANPS Chair, Jefferson Lab, USA), Prof. Vesna Sossi (IEEE-NPSS, USA), Dr. Adriano Luchetta (ISTP-CNR, Italy), and Dr. Tran Thanh Son (Vice Director of International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education – ICISE, Vietnam) gave the opening speech at the conference.

In this conference, there are nearly 80 reports and 120 poster reports will present the topics of Data Acquisition Architectures, Intelligent Signal Processing, Front-End Electronics and Fast Digitizers, Trigger Systems and GPUs, Fast Data Transfer Links and Networks, Control, Monitoring, Test and Real Time Diagnostics Systems, Data Processing Farms, Real Time Simulation, Real Time AI and Machine Learning, Emerging Technologies, New Standards, Feedback on Experiences.