From 9 July 2017 to 21 July 2017

Vietnam School on Neutrino (VSON)-2017

A school on Neutrino physics is planned to be organized at the International Center for […]

From 9 July 2017 to 22 July 2017

Workshop on Systematic Limitations for the Neutrino Frontier (Viet Nus 2017)

This summer we will be convening the second Viet Nus workshop in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, […]

From 6 March 2017 to 10 March 2017

The 3rd International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Restoration, and Management

Environmental pollution has become a global issue for the past few decades. Most of it […]

From 11 December 2016 to 16 December 2016

Search for Life: From Early Earth to Exoplanets

This international conference, endorsed by IAU and Division of Planetary Sciences and Astrobiology,   is the […]

From 10 December 2016 to 16 December 2016

Analysis, Probability, and their Applications

10 years of Vietnam-French master in applied mathematics. The Vietnamese-French master in applied Mathematics is […]

From 25 October 2016 to 2 October 2016

Precision Theory for Precise Measurements at the LHC and Future Colliders

This Conference will discuss the theoretical areas that are today the limiting factors for performing […]

From 13 September 2016 to 18 September 2016

36th Physics in Collision

The XXXVI international symposium on Physics in Collision (PIC) is a conference whose focus is […]

From 1 September 2016 to 12 September 2016

22nd Vietnam School of Physics (VSOP22)

The VSOP-22 is organized by Rencontres du Vietnam (RdV) in cooperation with Quy Nhon University, Quy […]

From 21 August 2016 to 27 August 2016

NuFact 2016: Neutrino Factory

The Rencontres du Vietnam on NuFact 2016 is the eighteenth in a series that started […]

From 7 August 2016 to 13 August 2016

Blowing in the wind

The Rencontres du Vietnam on stellar winds has as an objective to bridge the gab […]

From 31 July 2016 to 7 August 2016

High Sensitivity Experiments Beyond the Standard Model

The goal of this workshop is to gather researchers, theoreticians, experimentalists and young scientists searching […]

From 31 July 2016 to 6 August 2016

4th Vietnam School of Astrophysics

The 4th VSOA on Stellar Astrophysics will be held from 31st July to 6th August, […]

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