From 6 March 2017 to 10 March 2017

The 3rd International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Restoration, and Management

Environmental pollution has become a global issue for the past few decades. Most of it […]

From 11 December 2016 to 16 December 2016

Search for Life: From Early Earth to Exoplanets

This international conference, endorsed by IAU and Division of Planetary Sciences and Astrobiology,   is the […]

From 10 December 2016 to 16 December 2016

Analysis, Probability, and their Applications

10 years of Vietnam-French master in applied mathematics. The Vietnamese-French master in applied Mathematics is […]

From 25 October 2016 to 2 October 2016

Precision Theory for Precise Measurements at the LHC and Future Colliders

This Conference will discuss the theoretical areas that are today the limiting factors for performing […]

From 13 September 2016 to 18 September 2016

36th Physics in Collision

The XXXVI international symposium on Physics in Collision (PIC) is a conference whose focus is […]

From 1 September 2016 to 12 September 2016

22nd Vietnam School of Physics (VSOP22)

The VSOP-22 is organized by Rencontres du Vietnam (RdV) in cooperation with Quy Nhon University, Quy […]

From 21 August 2016 to 27 August 2016

NuFact 2016: Neutrino Factory

The Rencontres du Vietnam on NuFact 2016 is the eighteenth in a series that started […]

From 7 August 2016 to 13 August 2016

Blowing in the wind

The Rencontres du Vietnam on stellar winds has as an objective to bridge the gab […]

From 31 July 2016 to 7 August 2016

High Sensitivity Experiments Beyond the Standard Model

The goal of this workshop is to gather researchers, theoreticians, experimentalists and young scientists searching […]

From 31 July 2016 to 6 August 2016

4th Vietnam School of Astrophysics

The 4th VSOA on Stellar Astrophysics will be held from 31st July to 6th August, […]

From 25 July 2016 to 29 July 2016

Star Formation in Different Environments

This is the first conference in star formation in Vietnam. The last few years have […]

From 17 July 2016 to 30 July 2016

International Neutrino Summer School

Since 1993 the Rencontres du Vietnam , which is an official partner of UNESCO, has […]

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